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Next Health Plan offers a unique feature with our Enrollment Service. The Enrollment Service is free to all of our agents. The Enrollment Service allows you, as the agent, to find a client and place them in the hands of one of our enrollers who will sell the case for you. To view more information about our Enrollment Service, please watch our video...

Enrollment Service

Quoting has never been easier than with Next Health Plan.

With our mobile quote engine, you are able to quote a client in seconds and show them the many products that we offer.

Mobile Quoting

Looking to quote a group? Turn in a completed census and we will create a custom proposal for your group.

Group Proposals

From Product Videos to tailored worksheets, NHP provides all the tools you need...

View our latest commercial...

The Tools You Need to Make the Sale

Our Lead Generation Platform solution provides our agents with a comprehensive online platform that is specifically designed to showcase products and services, and connect you with potential customers in a highly targeted and personalized way.

Additional marketing provided: 
Personalized Email Address, Flyers & Tear Sheets, Access to Small Business Data, Email & SMS Marketing support & more...


A great feature of Next Health Plan is the frequent Zoom training with our staff and our C.E.O. Don Vincent. While on a webinar with us, you will learn many tips, tricks, product information, and receive quality sales training." 

If you need more personalized help, our staff is ready to meet with you 1 on 1 to answer your questions and fulfill your training needs.

Frequent Training

Next Health Plan provides easy access to home office support. you are always just phone call away from getting  answers to questions, help with technology, or supplies

Home Office Support

Local Support

We have total support with our local leaders in all of our markets, who are standing by to assist you at a moment's notice. 


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Who we are

Next Health Plan has been an industry leader for more than 30 years.

We specialize in private health plans for small businesses, the self employed and others who purchase their own coverage. NHP has helped thousands of agents find success in health insurance sales. 

We are "What's Next in Health Insurance".

Market Growth

More people buy their own health coverage today than at any other time in history. 

Our government projects that more than 100 million people will shop for coverage each year. These numbers are staggering from our side - the supply side. 

Next Health Plan continues to build on this exploding opportunity with a focus on helping small businesses, the self-employed and individuals. Our buying power helps millions of Americans save thousands of dollars on health care each year while offering a substantial income opportunity for our agents.


NHP Agents are:

  • Non-Captive
  • Vested from Day 1
  • Paid Directly by the Carrier

Cash Bonuses

Referral Bonuses

Multiple Income Streams:

  • Group Health Benefits
  • Individual Health
  • List-Billed Life
  • Supplemental Coverage

NHP is dedicated to training, coaching, and supporting agencies and their agents to sales success. 

Our tested and proven structure provides the average agent with an income opportunity in excess of $60,000 the first year. Most senior agents earn more than $100,000 in their second year.


National Networks

We believe health insurance must be both affordable and accessible.

Centers of Excellence

National Networks

Our Partners

We are exclusive marketers for our industries’ largest and most respected insurance carriers.

Each of our partners contribute to our philosophy of “providing suitable products for all of our clients’ needs.” 

You will never leave a sale wishing you could have filled the order.

Success Stories

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Rx Coverage

Prescription Discounts

Discount Card - Free to use

Compare prices, find free coupons, and save up to 80%

GoodRx Video

Rx Search

Rx Network Membership
for Individuals & Families

Find the best price for your prescriptions in our network of 65,000+ pharmacies — the major national chains as well as local independent pharmacies.

Rx Search

Fully Insured Prescriptions Plan

Guaranteed Issue 18 - 64

Used at 100% of all major chain drugstores and MOST independent pharmacies - over 67,000 pharmacies nationwide.

PRAM Video

Rx Search

How can we help you?
Complete this form to request support.

Information collected is never sold, traded or shared.

  • Funding Mechanism for Medical Claims

  • Up to $7 million per person lifetime

  • $250,000 per year plus an additional $250,000 for major events (Cancer, Heart, Etc.)

  • No Deductible 

  • 1st Dollar Benefits for Routine Events

  • Guaranteed Renewable to age 65

  • National PPO Network


Who is this coverage for?

  • Small Business Groups of 10+

  • Guaranteed Issue Approval

  • Portable Coverage if Job Changes

Concept of Coverage: Modern Medical Benefits

Did you know that Next Health Plan has opened a new, “Digital Term Life” platform?

Our digital life platform makes it extremely easy to sell affordable term life insurance. In fact, you don't even have to sell it - you just quote it!

With our all digital platform, simply quote your client, send them a link to an online application, and let them enroll.


All New Digital Term Life

You will be amazed how easy it is to help your customers get life insurance.

Clients can get up to $750,000 with no labs and no phone call - it is a hassle free experience.

Each agent gets their own marketing website where customers can self-enroll. This is a can't miss opportunity!


Now Offering Traditional Group

We are pleased to announce our new multi-state partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and United Healthcare Insurance (UHC)

Learn More

Do you have plans for the summer?

Our plan is to help you make more money!

Gas is more expensive than ever and inflation is at a 40 year high.

More income is the ANSWER!

Sell Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance
Sell Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
Sell Guaranteed Issue Dental Insurance

1 Average Group Sale will pay you more than $8,000 - GUARANTEED!

Don’t wait to get paid. Get Guaranteed Income today!

Need assistance on getting started? Inquire below and we will call you to help.


DOWNLOAD THE PROPOSAL REQUEST to Get Started Selling Groups Today!

Join us in Florida
to Train with our CEO

Tuesday, 8/16 @ 9am
in Lake Mary/Orlando

Wednesday, 8/17 @ 10am
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Thursday, 8/18 @ 1pm
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Payroll Protection

Convenient, Affordable Disability Insurance

With instant quotes, an online application process, and case management support, we make it easy to earn competitive commissions and grow revenue by offering top-rated disability insurance to your clients.

Benefits for agents:

  • Superior technology

  • Competitive commissions

  • Case management support

Benefits for clients:

  • Free instant quotes

  • Simple online application

  • Flexible, portable benefits

Better protection for clients.
Better business for you.

Due to product complexity, underwriting time, and outdated tech, disability insurance is still vastly undersold: 5.7M life insurance policies are sold annually in the U.S. compared to 600K disability insurance policies. Here lies a huge untapped opportunity to help close the income protection gap — and we are leading the charge.


Now Offering
Traditional Group Coverage

We are pleased to announce our new multi-state partnership with BCBS and UnitedHealthcare Insurance (UHC).

This partnership will provide us with multiple options for Traditional True Group plans (5-300+)

We now  offer you the most options to fill your customers' needs.

We have the 2 largest group insurance plans and the #1 private plan in the market.

Your job is to find groups for us to quote

Our traditional group process is simple:

- You gather a census for quoting
- You submit census to our office
- We will quote, present, and enroll the group
- You collect a $1,000 bonus

Stop letting a broker into your groups. We all know how that ends up.
Stop working for someone else.
Start getting paid ($1,000) for your efforts.