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Mobile Quoting Engine.

Access to carrier training, marketing & sales forms.

Customized Client marketing portal & QR Code.

Client marketing materials.

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We Make Health Insurance Easy

For over 30 years, Next Health Plan has helped thousands of agencies and independent agents find success in health insurance sales for small businesses, the self employed and others who purchase their own coverage.

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Recruiting Bonus for New Agents

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Closer Look

Published on - June 25, 2021

Lead Generation Platform

Our Lead Generation Platform solution provides our agents with a comprehensive online platform that is specifically designed to showcase products and services, and connect you with potential customers in a highly targeted and personalized way.

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Published on - June 25, 2021

Market Growth

More people buy their own health coverage today than at any other time in history. 

Our government projects that more than 100 million people will shop for coverage each year. These numbers are staggering from our side - the supply side. 

Next Health Plan continues to build on this exploding opportunity with a focus on helping small businesses, the self-employed and individuals. Our buying power helps thousands of Americans save on health care each year while offering a substantial income opportunity for our agents.

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Next Health Plan has been an industry leader for over 30 years. As a private exchange, we leverage innovation to make insurance better. We are "what's next" in health insurance.


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$150 Payout on 1st Health Plan

$100 Payout on 2nd Health Plan

$50 Payout on 3rd Health Plan

Earn Bonus Dollars for each Agent you Refer


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Commissions paid twice a week, directly from the carrier.

Immediate, day 1 vesting - you own all your business.

Residual Income

Carrier-Direct Contracts

Production Bonuses

Seasonal Cash Bonuses - Earn up to an additional $350 per health sale.

13th Month Premium Bonus - An extra 3% for each Health Plan inforce for 13 months

Lead Program

$50 in Lead Cash Credits for each $10k in annualized monthly health premium.

Write $100k+ for three consecutive months and receive an additional $600.


2024 trip to Cannes, France - Stay at the Carlton Cannes, Submissions through 6/30/2024.

Agent Back Office

Agent Marketing Support

Home Office Support

Dedicated In-Field Manager to help you find success.

Hands on Training in-person & via web conference.

Home office support staff.

Health Insurance

Guaranteed Issue
Small Business Plans

Industry leading alternative for small businesses who find traditional coverage unaffordable. Groups of 10+ enrollees are not required to answer health questions.

Small Group

Underwritten small business plans. Alternative for small businesses who find traditional coverage unaffordable. Groups start at 5 or more enrollees.

Direct Health Insurance

Available to individuals and families 12 months/year - Alternative coverage option to an expensive traditional coverage design. Spouse & Dependent Only Coverage Available.

Life Insurance

Digital Life Platform

Innovative insurance solutions combined with a best-in-class experience - all while giving you the strength and stability of A rated partners. Quick approval process and 100% digital experience providing you convenience and security.

Life Insurance and Disability Suite

  • Return of Premium 10-30 Year Term Life
  • Money Purchase Individual Term Life
  • Specialty Life
  • Long-Term Disability



A unique “hybrid” dental insurance plan combining traditional dental insurance with network providers’ discounts

Hospital Admission

Clients receive a lump-sum benefit for the first covered day of hospital admission due to a sickness, bundled with Accident Medical Expense


Affordable co-pays for exams. Glasses or contacts every 12 months. $170 frame allowance, $150 for contacts, + discounts.


  • Rx Network Memberships
  • Prescription Insurance
  • Prescription Discount Cards

Alternative Option for Employees with Waivers

We now work with employers who have a current group plan in place but have employees who have waived off coverage due to cost.

Guaranteed Issue
Health Plans (ACA)

Seasonal Government sponsored health plans available through the marketplace. Typically very expensive, limited provider network, and high deductible.

Traditional Group Plans

Available in Most Markets.

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$50 for every Group Quote submitted to the NHP Home Office (Paid Weekly)

$250 for each Guaranteed Issue Group Sold - must be 13 or more employees to qualify. (Paid when case is in-force)

That's a total of $300 for each G.I. Group of 13+ Sold!